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Rooted by the Stream with Dr. Pam Morrison

Sep 6, 2023

Grace is a word that people feel they understand, but by their words and actions, it is often clear that they don't.  You see them straining and striving for God's approval.  Or, you see them feeling too unworthy to be loved or needed by God.  Then there is the disapproval and disdain Believers may have for others because of their past lives.

Grace is so important to understand and to live out of when you follow Christ.  Therefore, it's a starting place when you are trying to become a more established disciple.  You have to understand how God and the Kingdom of God operate.  It's "Grace City."

Using Mark 5:1-20 as a foundational text, Dr. Pam talks about God's amazing grace.

To connect with Dr. Pam through her website and social media, go to her LINK TREE page.