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Rooted by the Stream with Dr. Pam Morrison

Oct 25, 2022

God's redemption of us holds this beautiful gift.  We can then turn around and help others, experiencing even more healing through giving.

Ervin Lee, host of the From Beer to the Bible podcast, along with Sarah Oliveria-McDonald, is my guest today.  Ervin "functioned" with hidden alcoholism and worked as a dynamic businessman. Eventually, his world toppled and he admitted that he needed help.

You'll hear his story and how God brought him around to being a strong man of God, an author, a podcast host, and entrepeneur.

Nothing is impossible with God.  He can turn around the most hopeless of situations, and rescue those who seem completely lost.  Ervin's show From Beer to the Bible can be found here.

Dr. Pam's website, blog, and social media links can be found on Link Tree.

A helpful article about breaking strongholds in your life (things by which we feel trapped) is called:

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