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Rooted by the Stream with Dr. Pam Morrison

Oct 18, 2022

Dr. Stella Immanuel "was thrust into the limelight, making global news for her appearance in front of the Supreme Court steps in what became a viral video addressed to the American people.  Dr. Stella and several other brave doctors, called out the political and medical establishment for their efforts to suppress life saving Covid treatments.  Many point to this day as a watershed moment in the resistance to the Covid mandates." (from Dr. Stella's media info)

Dr. Stella, in this podcast episode, speaks about safe and effective treatments for Covid, including hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, that became the subject of ridicule and yet were so effective in countless lives.  She talks about their usage in west Africa where malaria is endemic and the surprising much lower statistic for Covid deaths in that area.

The effort to suppress information about alternative treatments is more than a medical tug-o-war.  It is part of a spiritual battle for the direction of this nation and the nations of the world.  This is a podcast episode that addresses medicine, politics, faith, the end times and more. Dr. Stella offers her perspectives on these issues to give you strength and awareness for the times in which we live.

She specifically speaks about steps to take to prepare for the end times - medicines to have on hand, food supply, and other steps to take.  Update: she recently spoke with Dr. Stephen Strang about Revelation 6 and the end times as we talked about in this interview.  To see Stephen Strang's article about her and find this embedded podcast you can go here.

To go to Dr. Stella's website for a telehealth call or to explore/purchase supplements there, her site's address is  If you decide to purchase something there, use promo code "PAM" in order to get a discount.  My ministry will benefit with a small commission.

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