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Rooted by the Stream with Dr. Pam Morrison

May 1, 2023

Was America founded in 1619 with the importation of the first slaves?  Is it a hopelessly racist country? This is what the creators of the New York Times 1619 project would have you believe.  

Certainly, slavery is a huge blight on America's past, but are they right, that 1619 was our true beginning not 1776?

My guest in this podcast, Dr. Eddie Hyatt, would argue that neither date is actually the moment in which our national character was forged.  A Church historian and revival scholar, Eddie says the actual year that would truly shape the American heart and destiny was 1726.  It is the year of the beginning of the First Great Awakening in America.

Out of this spiritual revival that swept through the 13 colonies, two things happened - 1) the vision for the nation and its founding documents was greatly touched and shaped by God, and 2) the founders knew they would have to abolish slavery in response to God.

Dr. Hyatt has written a book, 1726: The Year that Defined America.  This is an excellent, well-researched, highly acclaimed book about the founding of America, the vision many had for its missionary purpose, and about the faith of the founding fathers.  It is uplifting and hopeful in a time when many are denigrating America.  It is also a portrayal of American history that is increasingly being left out of our textbooks.

Dr. Hyatt has launched the 1726 Project in an effort to spread the truth about America's history.  To reach Dr. Hyatt to have him present three sessions based on his book in your church, school, business, or organization, contact him at

Dr. Pam's website and social media can be found through her link tree page.